Lisa Rickman, aka Sowolu, is a lifelong artist of many disciplines including illustration, photography and writing. Her creations build upon her multifaceted background and a passion for journalistic research.
Drawing inspiration from her mixed heritage, struggles with MRKH syndrome, and a strong research foundation Lisa strives to create pieces that play with identity, comparative symbolism, and femininity.

You can usually find her in the studio she shares with her guitar-nerd husband at the Public Market during The Yards Collective’s Saturday hours from 10am-2pm, and on Instagram @Sowolu.

Interested in commissioning Lisa? Just send a message:)

‘Sowolu’ is a Germanic rune symbolizing the Sun, the ultimate life force. This rune stands for wholeness and a sense of well being that is founded in the Sun’s energy and the cyclical aspect of nature.

All Images on this site are copyright of Lisa Maria Rickman-Agnello unless otherwise stated.