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Work in progress

Practicing editing footage with music and interview chit chat.

❤ Lisa Maria


New Sexy Teenagers Video

Just playing with all the footage I have. I have over 90 gigs of footage of Sexy Teenagers you guys.
I’m thinking of something like this for the intro to the film or something.


That drunk guy at the bar recently wrote an interview/review of Sexy Teenagers for Rochester Insomniac, a local online punk rock revelry rag, mostly followed for their weekly podcast interviewing local artists.

You can find it here.

Oooh where to start.

Well, here’s an excerpt of the very beginning of the story, “Sexy Teenagers are a pop punk band more importantly they are a really group of guys to party with. We sat down with a the group in an attempt to do an interview and just talked about getting drunk. So with out further ado, Sexys Teenager’s drunk stories.”

…ouch. Oh the wincing I do reading that. More importantly the embarrasment I feel for the boys over the interview. While talking about drinking and drugs and flashing your punk rock credentials is all well and good, there is a line that needs to be walked. The line of which I speak is common sense I guess. Some things just don’t look good for not only the band, but the publication. Not to mention making anyone look bad is a surefire way to deter future interviews.

The stories are great, I won’t deny that, but I think they’re better when saved for in person moments at the bar, little stories between friends and fans that can get passed along, not advertised like all they do is drink and not give a fuck.


Once upon a time, these little boys played a little punk rock at a little open mic night.

And they snailed it!

And then made t-shirts about it!

Sexy Teenagers finally have merch of some kind!

They just pressed 25 limited edition t-shirts through their label Eat Here Records available at HEEEERRRREEE.

The story about the snail is mildly funny I guess, or at least a little interesting.

Once upon a time, John Adams was constantly drawing this snail on everyone in sharpie at the bar when they first began playing. Pretty regularly in fact (like, every night.)

Here’s him drawing one on Chris (and wearing my raincoat?)

On I think Chris again but this time his hand.

On Baja’s chest.

And many many more.

And so now the little guy has been made official Sexy Teenagers shit, by making his way onto their first t-shirts.





Laura Stevenson is playing at The Bug Jar tonight Wednesday, Nov. 20, along with Philly, PA’s Little Big League, who I saw over summer and have raved about somewhere. Their’s was my first vinyl purchase 🙂

Local kids, Keeler and Secret Pizza (their debut show) will be kicking things off.

Doors @ 8 pm
Tunes @ 9 pm


Not dealing with Black Friday? Or are you?!! You’re fuggin crazy!

The Results, Envious Disguise, my boys Sexy Teenagers and Cory Kesselring will be upping the punx at the California Brew Haus this coming Black Friday.

16 and up.


Tunes @ 8pm

$5 over/$7 under



Fox 45 invades Dubland Underground
Saturday, Nov. 30
With Whiskey Reverb (of Buffalo, NY)

Tunes @ 10pm

Saturday, Dec. 7th
Rock N Rock N Roll

18 an up. $5 over/$10 under

Doors @ 9
Tunes @ 10

Dream Girls, my badass friends Thoroughbred, Sleepwalk Parade,  and New Day Dawn from NJ are hitting up Dubland Underground.


The Punk-Roc Winter Hootenany!

Buffalo’s “most bitchin punk trio” On The Cinder and local ‘Sexting’ police Sexy Teenagers (more of my boys), The Results and Panic Room.

$5 under/$7 over

Show the lovins, them sweet, sweet punk rock lovins ♥

Super Special Wordpress only Release!

The latest in videos I keep making for my boys! It was the first time I got a relatively decent audio recording while shooting them. Obviously I cleaned it up a bit. I was super excited though because I’ve been wanting to do a live version of one of their songs for a while. So here it is, enjoy kids!

Sexy Teenagers “Rochester’s Burning” Live at Monty’s Krown

plus a sneak peek at “No Handister”



GO LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK. I’m not publishing the video until they get to 500 🙂

Something to fangirl about

 Seriously I know this is the worst quality in the world but LOOK AT THEM.
They’re babies! They’re little ones! Before all the fame and anger and bullshit.
I could pinch their cheeks I could.
But more importantly…
I’m holding off on talking about Brand New on this blog until I feel I can give them the time and brain power they deserve.
I’ll post about the TBS show Sunday night later!

Hate for $tate

Hate for $tate

Fast-paced skate punk from California!

Randy Dowdy, Bass /Vocals
Tyee Miles, Guitar / Vocals
This guy…this…guy…smh.
Brandon Wright, Drums

Salinas, TY Texas what

Oh these guys.

Their Facebook page says they began playing shows before all members were old enough to be in the bars, and let me tell you, they definitely look old enough now hahaha.
They were actually really great when I saw them with my roommate’s band back in August.
HFS has toured the western US and hails from California, but  Tyee lives in Texas, which is kind of confusing but I was having too much fun that night (it was also my roommate’s birthday) to really ask any questions.
Band Interests according to Facebook:

Drinking, playing musics, girls, parties, more drinking, girls, sex.
I can vouch for five of those things based off that night.