Once upon a time, these little boys played a little punk rock at a little open mic night.

And they snailed it!

And then made t-shirts about it!

Sexy Teenagers finally have merch of some kind!

They just pressed 25 limited edition t-shirts through their label Eat Here Records available at HEEEERRRREEE.

The story about the snail is mildly funny I guess, or at least a little interesting.

Once upon a time, John Adams was constantly drawing this snail on everyone in sharpie at the bar when they first began playing. Pretty regularly in fact (like, every night.)

Here’s him drawing one on Chris (and wearing my raincoat?)

On I think Chris again but this time his hand.

On Baja’s chest.

And many many more.

And so now the little guy has been made official Sexy Teenagers shit, by making his way onto their first t-shirts.