WIP: sexyteenstalking

Work in progress

Practicing editing footage with music and interview chit chat.

❤ Lisa Maria



Once upon a time, these little boys played a little punk rock at a little open mic night.

And they snailed it!

And then made t-shirts about it!

Sexy Teenagers finally have merch of some kind!

They just pressed 25 limited edition t-shirts through their label Eat Here Records available at HEEEERRRREEE.

The story about the snail is mildly funny I guess, or at least a little interesting.

Once upon a time, John Adams was constantly drawing this snail on everyone in sharpie at the bar when they first began playing. Pretty regularly in fact (like, every night.)

Here’s him drawing one on Chris (and wearing my raincoat?)

On I think Chris again but this time his hand.

On Baja’s chest.

And many many more.

And so now the little guy has been made official Sexy Teenagers shit, by making his way onto their first t-shirts.


Talon of the Hawk

So let me tell you about something amazing.

I recently asked my roommate to load my pink thumb drive up with some new music.

Yay! More punk rock!

It was funny that he gave me a couple albums I already have, like Something Corporate’s “Leaving Through the Window” and Such Gold’s “Pedestals”. Such Gold is actually a local band I’ve liked for a good long time. One of my friend’s used to be really close to the drummer and back in 2010 the three of us drove down to Philly on the morning of the 4th of July to go see The Roots and the Goo Goo Dolls play a huge (HUGE) free show.

Apparently it was part of the Wawa Welcome America! Festival  or something, no idea, I only cared that I was seeing the Goo Goo Dolls, for free, in Philadelphia, on the 4th of July. And ‘seeing’ is a loose word since the closest we got was still probably 1,000 feet from the stage.

Yes guys, we did know you had to play this one.

So ANYways, one of those little thumb drive albums was “Talon of the Hawk” by The Front Bottoms.

I think I’m in love.

The record kicks off with“Au Revoir (Adios)” a super fun super mean breakup song. Their song “Skeleton” is an ode to reefer, “an herb-inspired rock song that’s just begging to become a sing-along staple at their live shows.” And I dear god to I hope to do so because they’re coming to Rochester on the 19th!!!

Personally I can’t stop listening to the album over and over and over.

For now, I’m tired. I leave you with one of the songs I keep screaming along with.