“‘Homelike’ is the new standard for senior living”

Upgrades to local senior living communities as well as new projects are centering on a fresh model of care that strives to create a more home-like atmosphere for residents.

-January, 2016, Rochester Business Journal

“Finding a richer life through art, music, dance”

Arts therapy is a veritable gold mine of relief and joy for many, especially senior citizens, with benefits not just for those suffering the neurocognitive disorders that can come with aging, but for those coping with feelings of isolation or depression.

-October, 2015, Rochester Business Journal

“Powerful class of medications offers alternatives”

Heart disease is the No.1 killer in America. The drugs to control its risks are among the most commonly prescribed, making new treatment options all the more exciting. Still, given the medications’ recent debut, some questions linger..

-August, 2015, Rochester Business Journal

“Pop-up shows gain traction, create avenues for ideas”

While the pop-up show may not have a clear-cut definition, the concept is gaining traction in Rochester—from art performance to conglomerates of craftspeople.

-August, 2015, Rochester Business Journal

“Playgrounds in the sky”

More than just zip lines.

-July 2015, Life in the Finger Lakes Magazine

“His business is fun and games”

Precocious and entrepreneurial are not words often put together when describing children, but they describe Jason Arena, CEO and president of Workinman Interactive LLC, and his adolescence pretty well.

-July, 2015, Rochester Business Journal

“Global Journey began with Kate Gleason”

Gleason Corp.’s international expansion began with an illness, a gamble and a woman..

-June, 2015, Rochester Business Journal

“Coffee so good it inspires their customers’ tears”

For Tony Colon, brewing coffee is not just another task; it is therapy.

-June, 2015, Rochester Business Journal

“Diet and exercise keep killer diseases at bay”

The top causes of death among adult men in the United States could be prevented by regular checkups, not smoking and simply eating better and moving around more, physicians say.

-February, 2015, Rochester Business Journal

“Kris Hadlock’s School of Rock”

He’s been fighting for fame and the future of a musical genre that some say is already dead. 

-January 2015, Life in the Finger Lakes Magazine

“Killing the buzz”

Marijuana is a linchpin in the war on drugs.

September, 2014, The Rochester Insomniac

“Bringing theater to the Latino community”

In a small-town-feel city like Rochester, nothing is more important than community. For local storyteller and Renaissance woman, Annette Ramos, it’s her mission within the local Latino community.

-September, 2014, Rochester Woman Magazine