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Happy (almost) New Year! I hope you intend to go out and celebrate tonight. Me and mine are keeping to tradition and getting silly at the Firehouse Saloon. Sexy Teenagers are playing at 12:30am so that promises to be a hilariously drunk performance.

Speaking of silliness and rock, here’s a new piece I did for Life in the Finger Lakes Magazine’s first issue of the New Year. It’s an interview with Kris Haldock; his 80s glam rock revivalist band had some mild local fame in the early 2000s and after some time in LA he’s come back to teach.

Kris Hadlock’s School of Rock



You’re harshing my mellow, man

A story I wrote for Rochester Insomniac earlier this year has finally been published, w00t!

Considering how backlogged they are due to things and stuff I’m impressed it got done, good job guys #truckin.

Killing the Buzz

Debate is raging in the United States about marijuana. Everything about it, legalization, its uses, its benefits and its dangers. Right now more than half of the country, 25 states plus the District of Columbia, have policies legalizing or decriminalizing the use of marijuana either recreationally or for medicinal purposes. For the first time in more than 40 years of polling the issue, most Americans support legalization…

Wait For The Impending Colossal Doom


Science Club


Science Club has tried to play roughly one show a month since 2.0 kicked off in July 2013 (more on that in a bit). By and large, we’ve stuck to it, or at least come close. Maybe we do two shows in January instead of one in February, some shit like that, but it’s all part of the plan to stay active, and we take it seriously.

We didn’t have a show lined up for June until a man from Korea named Nick reached out to us via Facebook and asked if we wanted to play something called Philly Freak Festival. Having no show lined up for the month, and want to spend as much time with freaks as possible. We said yes. And that is how we, a normal-ass punk band with nothing below the surface going on, ended up playing an Art Show.

When I saw we played…

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Laura Stevenson is playing at The Bug Jar tonight Wednesday, Nov. 20, along with Philly, PA’s Little Big League, who I saw over summer and have raved about somewhere. Their’s was my first vinyl purchase 🙂

Local kids, Keeler and Secret Pizza (their debut show) will be kicking things off.

Doors @ 8 pm
Tunes @ 9 pm


Not dealing with Black Friday? Or are you?!! You’re fuggin crazy!

The Results, Envious Disguise, my boys Sexy Teenagers and Cory Kesselring will be upping the punx at the California Brew Haus this coming Black Friday.

16 and up.


Tunes @ 8pm

$5 over/$7 under



Fox 45 invades Dubland Underground
Saturday, Nov. 30
With Whiskey Reverb (of Buffalo, NY)

Tunes @ 10pm

Saturday, Dec. 7th
Rock N Rock N Roll

18 an up. $5 over/$10 under

Doors @ 9
Tunes @ 10

Dream Girls, my badass friends Thoroughbred, Sleepwalk Parade,  and New Day Dawn from NJ are hitting up Dubland Underground.


The Punk-Roc Winter Hootenany!

Buffalo’s “most bitchin punk trio” On The Cinder and local ‘Sexting’ police Sexy Teenagers (more of my boys), The Results and Panic Room.

$5 under/$7 over

Show the lovins, them sweet, sweet punk rock lovins ♥