A dozen new stories and photos for your procrastination pleasure

Busy summer! Here’s a smidge of what I did, you’ll have to browse around for the rest 😉

“Pop-up shows gain traction, create avenues for ideas”

While the pop-up show may not have a clear-cut definition, the concept is gaining traction in Rochester—from art performance to conglomerates of craftspeople.

-August 21, 2015, Rochester Business Journal

“Powerful class of medications offers alternatives”

Heart disease is the No.1 killer in America. The drugs to control its risks are among the most commonly prescribed, making new treatment options all the more exciting.

-August 14, 2015, Rochester Business Journal

“Schools rely on agencies to collect student debt”

Although student loan default rates continue to rise, the debt collection process and a school’s involvement in it is little understood.

-August 7, 2015, Rochester Business Journal


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