2015 so far, part time painter, part time journalist

So I had a few writing and photo assignments at the beginning of the year, but like I said in the last post, March was slow and dumb.

On the bright side, my artist side seems to have been unleashed and is snowballing. I can’t stop drawing and painting shit lately. This is a good thing, if a little weird. With the exception of one large abstract piece I worked on intermittently I haven’t really picked up a brush in six years.  I feel super rusty, but obsessed.
Granted, I’ve been an art student my whole life, but the last decade has mostly been devoted to school, photography and writing. But I’m happy about it, it feels productive and I actually have something that almost looks like a body of work now.

Here are my finished pieces from 2015, so far.

My mean-spiration panels. 5×7 each.

20150406_113646 20150331_122842


Inverted abstract portrait scenes?






20×24, my first real attempt at a self portrait


And lastly, an oddly-proportioned charcoal portrait of local singer-songwriter Champagne Brown.


My internship starts next month and I have a handful of small assignments with RBJ at the end of this month.

Until then, peace bitches ❤


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