Happy Freaking New Year!!

It’s 2015!

The year of Marty McFly!

The year NASA lands on that dwarf planet!

The year I turn *gulp* 27!

Since my first paid photo job was senior year of high school, that also means I’ve been a working photographer for a DECADE, and boy has that led me to do a lot of different things in that time. In between bouts of slinging coffee since 2007, I’ve photographed dozens of weddings and what feels like hundreds of portraits, actually counting them sounds too daunting.
I’ve shot local punk rockers playing dive bars in Philly, flirted with Lajon Witherspoon and David Boyd while shooting Rochester’s first BONZAI, partied with NYC elite in Gotham Hall, documented nurses working in the Andes Mountains of Peru, and yet, I still feel like I haven’t accomplished anything.

How does that work?

I think there’s a mindset of equating fabulous experiences with fabulous living and that just hasn’t been the case for me. Making ends meet is struggle. Thankfully it’s more of a weekly/monthly struggle and not a daily one. I eat well enough and I have a roof over my head.
That’s all you need right?

Life is a struggle, there is no such thing as “taking a break” because you have to work extra hard to save up for those “vacations.”

I find myself at a point where I’m torn between two life paths, because it seems like there are only two options right now, throw myself into a job and keep fighting the “good fight” in a societal system that seems to finally be buckling under the weight of its overly-complex dysfunction, or renounce the world and go into hermitage.

I guess we’ll see what 2015 makes me choose.


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