But I don’t wanna blog!

It seems that every writer or writing resource I’ve come across in my freelance hunting and prepping (because feeding off each other is most of what we do) has a blog or says you have to write one, if you want to be a real writer.

Um, okay?

I could complain that seems rigid and conformist and “down with the man!” but really I just hate being told what to do.

Everything gets better the more you do it, and since reality is digital now, scribbling in my precious notebooks has become somewhat of a waste of time. (Oh man, that hurts to read back to myself)

According to the internet anyway. I could never give it up fully. At this point I’m pretty sure collecting notebooks is just one of my many weird little obsessions in life. Nor do I think writing things down will ever become obsolete, I don’t think it’s humanly possible to give it up now that we have it. It’s awful being an optimist.


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