Hate for $tate

Hate for $tate

Fast-paced skate punk from California!

Randy Dowdy, Bass /Vocals
Tyee Miles, Guitar / Vocals
This guy…this…guy…smh.
Brandon Wright, Drums

Salinas, TY Texas what

Oh these guys.

Their Facebook page says they began playing shows before all members were old enough to be in the bars, and let me tell you, they definitely look old enough now hahaha.
They were actually really great when I saw them with my roommate’s band back in August.
HFS has toured the western US and hails from California, but  Tyee lives in Texas, which is kind of confusing but I was having too much fun that night (it was also my roommate’s birthday) to really ask any questions.
Band Interests according to Facebook:

Drinking, playing musics, girls, parties, more drinking, girls, sex.
I can vouch for five of those things based off that night.


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